The 30% ruling

Tax free allowance of 30 percent

The 30% ruling is a tax advantage for incoming employees who are working in the Netherlands and is quite beneficial since 30 percent of your salary is paid out on a tax free basis. The tax free allowance is considered as compensation for extra territorial expenses a foreign employee has for working outside their home country. The employer can also reimburse these extra territorial expenses instead, but to be able to do this, the employee will need to supply all receipts to the employer so that they can be checked and then reimbursed. This is obviously a lot of extra work, and therefore it is more common to apply for the 30% ruling.
Samen can assist you with the 30% ruling application process. We can assist you to review your situation in detail so that you know whether you qualify or not. If we come to the conclusion that you qualify we can apply for the 30% ruling application.

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